Prism-Equus - Art by Linda Finstad


Artist Statement :


For a painting to be considered “Art” it has to stir an emotional response within whoever looks at it.  The artist’s  goal was to paint Joy, this is the emotional response  she wanted people to feel

as they look at her work.  For Linda Finstad “Joy” comes in the shape of a horse.  

But when she looks at a horse she strives to see below the surface and his outer beauty. 

She pays close attention to his non verbal communication and body language listening carefully to what he is saying because she wants to paint his personality.

This unusual approach often requires all the colours in the paint box.” 


Prism-Equus - Equine personality depicted in colour

 Each horse is a unique and magnificent masterpiece. 

Prices start at $5 for a mini art print (magnetic) to $500 for the origional acrylic on canvass paintings 16x20

which are available driectly from the artist Price $500 each

If you would like to own an origional painting - E-mail Linda Finstad for availability