The Humans of Horse Racing


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If you love horse racing, you will love this book. 
When you look beyond the roar of the crowd and the victorious horse and jockey in the winners circle. You discover a village of people who as a whole make horse racing happen. You will meet, trainers, out riders, jockeys and their agents, grooms, exercise lads and lasses. Not to mention the farier, vet, medics, tack store owner and all the office staff. This is aback stretch view of who's who and who does what at the track. 
Maybe you have always dreamed of working in the race industry, or perhaps owning your own race horse. If that is the case you really need to read this book. Learn the how to’s what not to do’s and the hard reality of horse racing — straight from the people who live this life every single day.  
Discover why they work long hours in often harsh conditions, and how much money these people really make. 
Who is getting rich and who is just scraping by. 
Have you ever wondered “how to train a race horse” or learn how to ride one and become a jockey. 
Order your copy today and discover the real "down and dirty" insider info on track life. 
Bonus Feature - How to buy a race horse off the track at rock bottom prices or snag one for free.


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