How to Photograph Horses and their Humans


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“How to Photograph Horses and their humans” is a modern no nonsense guide that walks you through every step to achieving calendar quality images of horses and their owners. 
In this book every age group and equine discipline is covered, from kids to cowboys. 
We take an in-depth look at how to successfully move through your photo session so one pose naturally progresses to the next. Making the photo experience pleasurable for everyone. 
Although this is a book about photography it is important for the equine photographer to understand the phycology and dynamics of the horse and human relationship in order to capture compelling images that reflect the emotional bond between the horse and his human. 
This is very important because the approach you would take to photograph a child and her pony is very different from a working cowboy and his cutting horse. Likewise a graduation photo shoot of teenage girl that includes her horse would differ greatly from a Family photo session down on the farm. Each of these scenarios and many more are explained in detail, from the important questions you need to ask prior to the shoot to turning the horse out in the pasture at the end of your session. 
The book contains a “Bonus Chapter” that teaches you how to photograph an equine event in a “photo journalistic style”. Allowing you to tell stories with your images. 
Professional photographer and Author Linda Finstad has been capturing horses on film for over 17 years her work has graced the covers of books and magazines. Her greatest achievement was “The Equine Heritage” project, a huge body of work that documented all the various breeds of horses that live in Alberta. 

Linda’s photographic contribution to the archive museum was graciously acknowledged by Her majesty the queen of England.


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