Don't shoot the Trainer


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Part two in Linda Finstad’s controversial study in equine facial expressions.  

In her first book “Don’t shoot the Horses” Finstad stirred up a lot of emotions among horse lovers with her graphic images of horses looking “less than perfect". She broke the un-written rule between equine photographers that states "never, never, never" photograph a horse with his mouth open looking angry. However this collection of images depicts the raw emotion horses exhibit and feel in a raw yet artistic way. She knows this betrayal of her peers by publishing that which should never be seen could damage if not end her career. So like most whistle blowers she is both relieved at sharing the truth yet worried about the outcome. If you choose to believe horses are quiet, serene animals who blissfully graze green pastures. This book is NOT for you.  
The images are coupled with “helpful tips and instructions” that trainers and coaches yell at their students in the warm-up area at horse shows. Warning these comments are uncensored.  
These images form part of the largest collection of "Equine Expressions” photographed and presented by Linda Finstad