Learn Photography

New for 2018 - Day at the Races

Winning Moments Photography Day at the Races

You will learn:

  • How to capture fast action as the horses thunder part the finish post

  • Compostion - how to use pictures to tell the story of horse racing 

  • Portraiture  - how to capture authentic portraits of real Jockeys, trainers and the hard working people who make up horse racing ( Linda literally wrote the book on) "The Humans of Horse Racing"

  • Tackle difficult "natural lighting" situations  - when you know how to optimise every kind of light you can shoot all day, every day. No more waiting for the perfect light.

  • Use racing pictures to expand your portfolio 

Photographers of every skill level are invited to join us for an evening at the races. We will have an introductory lesson to go over camera settings, and will spend a couple of hours moving between the paddock, rail and finish line to capture thoroughbreds during the races.

We meet up,  at the Northlands Park Horse racing track -  by the finish post


Friday July 6th at 6pm

includes a copy of "How to photograph Horses and their Humans"

  register on-line at www.thehorsewatcher.com  $90


 Digital Photography 101

Learn how to use your Digital SLR Camera

                     This class will run every "other" Teusday evening 6:30pm - 8:30pm throughout the winter                                                           at A Sharper Image Photography Studio,  in  Millwoods, Edmonton

2 hour Class Covers

How camera’s work
Aperture and shutter speed
Action Photography
Creative composition
ISO and resolution
Exposure compensation
creative back lit photos

Small Group Setting
Max 6 People
Only $89

Includes Coffee and Cake 

This class is held at Linda's studio in Millwood

Classes start again in January 2018


register on-line for all our photography classes 

at www.thehorsewatcher.com


Photography Workshop 2017 Schedule

Dates and details of upcoming

Cowboy themed Equine photography workshop

English themed Equine photography workshop


Register on-line at   www.TheHorseWatcher.com   to reserve a spot 


For budding Photographers of all skill levels.
If you love Horses and Love to take pictures of them, but are frustrated by the results of your picture taking efforts, then this fun filled - hands on workshop is for you.
You will Learn

• How to pose both horse and rider for beautiful portraits
• How to capture the “Jump Shot” at just the right moment
• You will learn how to recognize “The right place and the right time”
• Equine photographer Linda Finstad will explain how you too can “See the light”
• Linda will share easy tricks for artistic effects
• Freestyle and action shots made easy


Price per person $89


Field Trip Photo - 2017 dates 

June 20

July 11

Aug 22

Sept 5

Get up close and personal with a large herd of horses in their natural setting. 

Your guide Linda Finstad will explain the herd dynamics and natural behaviours.  This is “Horse watching” at its best.

Providing the perfect opportunity to observe interactions between the horses and capture “un-posed” equine portraits.

Quite unlike any other photography workshop you have ever attended 

If you enjoy nature and the spontaneity of shooting real life as it unfolds you will love this field trip photography class.


You will learn:

  • Camera settings

  • Lighting

  • Natural composition

  • Relationships shots 

  • Reflection shots ( if the pond is full)

  • Body language challenge for advanced “Horse watchers”


This is an evening class 6pm - 8:30pm ( summer time only)

Only $55 per person  must be over 12 years of age


At New Horizon Ranch - Sherwood Park


New for 2017 - Day at the Races

Field Trip photography workshop

You will learn:

How to capture fast action 

Compostion - How to use pictures to tell the story of horse racing 

Portraiture  - Capture authentic portraits of real Jockeys, trainers and the hard working people who make up horse racing ( Linda litterally wrote the book on "The Humans of Horse Racing")

Tackle difficult "natural lighting" situations  - when you know how to optimise every kind of light you can shoot all day every day. No more waiting for the perfect light.

Racing season starts at the beginning of May thru September  - Frield trips are available for the Wed evening race meets during that time  

Join Linda Finstad at the track on

May 10

June 21

July 12

Aug 23

Sept 6

register on-line at www.thehorsewatcher.com  $55 per person


Private Lessons with Linda Finstad

One on One Photography tutoring

Perfect for the person with a busy life style who cannot attend a weekend workshop, or maybe you feel you have gone as far as you can with workshops and want more customized lessons to take your photography to the next level.

Customized lessons give you the opportunity to centre your learning around your own interests , rather than horses. Or perhaps even learning the basics in a class situation is overwhelming one on one tutoring is the answer.

Attending workshops are lots oif fun and a great way to learn, however teh pace of the class is determined by the skill level of those attending - and perhaps the one thing that you are struggling with or an area you would be particularly interested in knowing more.Please e-mail Linda at info@asharperimage with details of your particular photographic interest, what you would like to know and achieve, and she will design a lesson specifically for you

Possible topics may include:

DSLR basics

Developing your creativity

Photographic composition and natural styling

On location - "Field Trip" maybe the horse races or a sporting event of your choice

Outdoor portraiture understanding natural light and posing techniques

How to capture stunning "Snow day" photos

Small animals and pets - how to style and prop

Advanced outdoor  lighting  - backlight and rim light

The fee for individual tutoring is $75 per hour - minimum 2 hour session

and is available weekdays and evenings only

2017 Classes

Creative Photography for beginners

A fun class suitable for photographers of all ages and skill levels

We explore some very unusual and creative techniques to really expand your creativity and force you to look

at the World a little differntly  - we will experiment with

* Bubbles

* Smoke

* Prism's  and mirrors

* simple science experiments ( and other muck and gunk)

If you feel in a rut with your photography and want to expand beyond flowers and sunsets

join this class ( it may change your life) well certainly the way you photograph life

Dates / Location/ times to be announced